Magic Chef Mini fridges The Ultimate Guide 2023


The leaky, barely cold box you may have had in your dorm as a college student is nothing compared to today’s Mini fridges. We all slept on bunk beds in a dorm room together as freshmen. Newer models are roomier, better at cooling and freezing food, and aesthetically pleasing additions to any kitchen.

A Magic Chef Mini fridges is a fantastic choice if you need a small fridges. Here, we’ll look at the top-selling Magic Chef mini-fridges and refrigerators, emphasizing essential features and sharing feedback from genuine consumers to help you make a well-informed buying decision. Mini refrigerators from Magic Chef are ideal for a college dorm, an office, or a small space.

Magic Chef Mini fridges
Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge for Bedroom - Car, Office Desk & College Dorm Room - 12v Portable Cooler & Warmer for Food, Drinks, Skincare, Beauty & Makeup - AC/DC Small Refrigerator with Glass Front, Black
Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan – Stainless Steel 120-Can Capacity

Buying a Magic Chef mini-fridges: what do you need to know?

Should I choose a refrigerator or a freezer?

Your initial decision should be between a standard refrigerator and a combination refrigerator-freezer. Mini refrigerators are great if you need cold storage but rarely use the freezer.


There is a wide variety of mini fridges designs available. In the most fundamental cube design, the refrigerator and freezer may be one unit, or the two may share a single door. A refrigerator-freezer with two doors is another choice. These could be rather tall and slender, but they could also be quite short and stocky. Choosing the best solution for the available area is a matter of individual taste.

Mini fridges come in various shapes, sizes, and features.


Refrigerators for beverages only

Sub-zero refrigerators

Coolers for transportation


How often do you anticipate using the mini-fridges? Will it merely serve as a backup for your primary refrigerator, or will it be used frequently? Depending on your response, a mini fridge size can be selected.

Mini refrigerators and Fridges typically come in three different sizes:

There is little room for tall or bulky products and no freezer, but you can fit about 30 to 45 12-ounce cans in there.

A refrigerator with a capacity of 1.5-3 cubic feet may store five cases of 12-ounce cans and some taller goods in the drawer.

With an almost three cubic feet capacity, you’ll have plenty of room for even the bulkiest groceries and a spacious freezer.

5 Best Magic Chef Mini fridges 2023

1.Magic Chef HMCR320RE

Sizes:- 33.5” x 19.10” x 17.1” (H x W x D)

Capacity:- 1.72 cubic feet

Colours:-  Black, mint green, red, white

Magic Chef Retro Mini Refrigerator 3.2 cu. ft. 2-Door Fridge in Red

Our top pick for the best compact refrigerator is the Magic Chef HMCR320. It has certain flaws, but it gets the job done very effectively overall. It has a unique style that combines vintage automobile details with a soft green color scheme. In addition to being ENERGY STAR certified, it also features a wide variety of useful built-in storage spaces.


But what’s the finest part? Both the refrigerator and freezer in the Magic Chef HMCR320 maintain consistent temperatures.


Both the refrigerator and freezer maintain amazingly consistent temperatures of 37 degrees Fahrenheit and two degrees below zero. This two-door mini-fridge had the only accurately calibrated freezer out of the models we tested; all the others we tried ran a few degrees warmer than they should have.


The only real negative is that if you don’t shut the door with enough force, the auto-close mechanism can actually cause the door to bounce open again.






2. Insignia NS-CF26BK9

sizes: 31.38” x 19.13” x 17.75” (H x W x D)

capacity: 2.01 cubic feet

colours: Black, white

The Insignia NS-CF26BK9 can be the best option if you don’t need a refregerattor area. This is one of the largest mini refrigerators we evaluated, with a refrigerated chamber of over two cubic feet in capacity. It’s perfect for cold beverages because it has no freezer and can store them.


The can holsters on the Insignia NS-CF26BK9 are a versatile door storage option because they are detachable, easy to use, and let you store items other than cans. Although we enjoy these can holsters, they offer less storage than other versions.


The temperature performance of this refrigerator was reliable and stable. However, it consumed much more electricity than practically every other mini fridge we tested: 6.08 kWh instead of less than 4 kWh for most of the other models. Depending on your local electricity rates, this difference translates to about $0.15 more per hour.






3. Galanz GLR31TBEER

                            sizes: 35.16″ x 19.17″ x 23.31″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 2.10 cubic feet

           colors: Black, blue, green, red

Galanz GLR31TBEER Retro Compact Refrigerator with Freezer Mini Fridge with Dual Doors, Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat, 3.1 Cu FT, Blue

The Galanz GLR31TBEER features a throwback 1950s classic car style in various colors. This micro fridge boasts the greatest storage space of any model we looked at, with a stunning three cubic feet—almost 0.5 cubic feet more than the rest of the group combined. That’s more than two bowling balls’ worth of space.


This kind offers superior refrigerator performance. Throughout testing, it frequently achieved the optimal 37°F. But the cold temperature worried me.


For instance, rather than operating at 0°F, the freezer averages 5°F. It was also the least dependable freezer of the group, with temperature changes ranging from 2 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit. When freezers frequently fluctuate by a couple of degrees, that’s a big variation. From that variation, freezer burn might happen.


The Galanz GLR31TBEER has the same auto-close door issue, but it is worse: If you don’t shut the door tightly enough, it will reopen.


Although the Galanz GLR31TBEER has several speed and usability issues, it still has a huge amount of usable capacity. It can still be a wise choice if you plan to store something other than perishables in your freezer.






4. Midea WHD-113FSS1

sizes: 32.95” x 18.50” x 19.37” (H x W x D)

Capacity: 1.71 cubic feet

colors: Black, stainless steel

Midea WHD-113FSS1 Compact Refrigerator, 3.1 cu ft, Stainless Steel

The Midea WHD-113FSS1 had a slightly below-average showing in our testing, and the primary reason for this was the quality of its temperature regulation. By default, the refrigerator was set to a warm temperature of just around 1 degree Fahrenheit below the optimal temperature of 40.


It wasn’t much better as a freezer, maintaining a steady 5 degrees Fahrenheit rather than 0 degrees. Although this is less than ideal, at least the freezer’s temperature remained consistent. The freezer will function normally if the temperature is lowered significantly.


The buttons and door were simple to operate. Its racks and containers were nearly identical to what we saw elsewhere. The cans can be loaded onto the dispenser rack from the middle or the top, which we appreciate. Dorm rooms can benefit from their low noise levels as well.






5. Costway EP22672BK

Sizes: 34″ x 20″ x 17.5″ (H x W x D)

Capacity: 1.60 cubic feet

Colors: Black, gray

COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator, 3.2 cu ft. Unit 2-Door Mini Freezer Cooler Fridge with Reversible Door, Removable Glass Shelves, Mechanical Control, Recessed Handle for Dorm, Office, Apartment (Black)

The Costway EP22672BK has about the same total storage capacity as a standard refrigerator, albeit its freezer is a bit larger. This feature could be useful if you frequently store frozen goods or ice cubes.


The refrigerator maintains consistent, exact temperatures, but the freezer section is overly warm at 3 degrees Fahrenheit on average instead of the desired 0 degrees. Costway recommends setting the temperature one notch lower than you normally would to get the best results.


The Costway EP22672BK is a serviceable mini-fridge, but you should wait to buy it until it goes on sale since its average performance doesn’t justify its comparatively high price






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